Choir Rehearsals

The Philharmonic Choir rehearses on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm in the Walter Roy Theatre at Hewett Acadent

Normal reahearsal times and venues:

Tuesday rehearsals: 19.00 - 08:45hrs
     at the Walter Roy Theatre at Hewett Academy, Cecil Road, Norwich. (WRT in the list below)
Occasionally, rehearsals are at the Hewett South Hall, HewettAcademy (HSH), or CNS School, Performing Arts Block, Eaton (CNS)
Details of rehearsal venues are on the rehearsal venues map

Friday rehearsals (the week of the concert only): 19.00 for 19:15 - 21.45hrs at St Andrew’s Hall
Saturday rehearsals (day of concert only):14:00 for 14:15 – 17.00hrs, at St Andrew’s Hall, Norwich (SAH in the list below)
Concerts: 19:15 for 19.30hrs in St Andrew’s Hall, Norwich

Dowload PDF
of Rehearsal Schedule for the 2022-2023 season.

(rehearsal schedule below last updated 20:00, Tue 12th Jul 2022)
Date Time Venue Programme and notes
Tuesday 6th September 19:00 WRT CANCELLED
Tuesday 13th September 19:00 WRT FIRST REHEARSAL
Tuesday 20th September 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 27th September 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 4th October 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 11th October 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 18th October 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 25th October 19:00 WRT (half term)
Tuesday 1st November 19:00 WRT  
Friday 4th November 19:00 for 19:15 SAH  
Saturday 5th November 14:00 for 14:15 SAH  

Saturday 5th November

19:10 for 19:30


Concert (Orff: Carmina Burana)

Tuesday 8th November 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 15th November 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 22nd November 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 29th November 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 6th December 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 13th December 19:00 WRT  
Monday 19th December 19:00 for 19:15 SAH  
Tuesday 20th December 14:00 for 14:15 SAH  

Tuesday 20th December

19:10 for 19:30


Concert (Carols etc)

Tuesday 3rd January 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 10th January 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 17th January 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 24th January 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 31st January 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 7th February 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 14th February 19:00 WRT (half term)
Tuesday 21st February 19:00 WRT
Tuesday 28th February 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 7th March 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 14th March 19:00 WRT  
Tuesday 21st March 19:00 WRT  
Friday 24th March 19:00 for 19:15 SAH  
Saturday 25th March 14:00 for 14:15 SAH  

Saturday 25th March

19:15 for 19:30


Concert: Mendelssohn Elijah