How the Norwich Philharmonic is run

The Constitution which sets down how the Norwich Philharmonic should be run is available here.
Essentially it requires the Society to be run by a Committee, elected each year at an Annual General Meeting.
The current Committee membership is listed below, together with contact details, where appropriate:

Position Name Tel No. eMail
Patron [new patron under discussion]    
President Antony Jarrold    
Chairman Caroline Dixey    
Vice-Chairman Catrina Nixon    
Society Secretary Alison Rhodes 01508 558142
Treasurer Kate Anetts  
Choir Secretary Sally West-Lindell 01603 449156
Choir Representatives Alexandra Atherton    
  Paul Hendersson    
Orchestra Subcommittee Chairman Catrina Nixon    
Orchestra Secretary Christopher Elston 07957 314857
Orchestra Representatives Steve Kent-Davies    
  Judy Tryggvason    
Orchestra Librarian Caroline Furniss    
Friends' & Benefactors' Secretary Kate Anetts  
Front of House Manager [vacancy]    
Public Representative (Norfolk Centre for Young Musicians) Simon Suter    
Public Representative Alison Guy    
Public Representative [vacancy]    
Publicity Officer [vacancy]    
Choir Conductor David Dunnett    
Orchestra Conductor Matt Andrews    


There is also an Orchestra Sub-Committee and a Publicity Group whose memberships are listed below, plus informal groups covering Fundraising and Social, and Choir

Orchestra Sub Committee: Catrina Nixon (Chairman), Matt Andrews (Orchestra Conductor), Judy Tryggvason (Sub-Committee Secretary and Orchestra Representative), Rob Barnes (Orchestra Secretary), Caroline Furniss (Orchestra Librarian), Stephen Kent-Davies (Orchestra Representative) Chris Rayfield (Orchestra Leader), Caroline Shepherd (Strings representative), Laurence Thistlewood (Brass representative), Rebecca Woodward (Woodwind representative).

Publicity Group: Caroline Dixey (Chair), Catrina Nixon, Kate Anetts, Moira Eagling, Alison Rhodes, Judy Tryggvason, Owen Williams

The Society is a member of Making Music (formerly the National Federation of Music Societies, NFMS), and is a registered charity (No. 264425).