Orchestra Rehearsals

Normal reahearsal times and venues:

Tuesday rehearsals: 19.00 - 21.30hrs in the main school hall (Eaton Grove) at Norwich High School, Newmarket Road, Norwich. (NHS in the list below)

Due to the St Andrew’s Hall refurbishment work, venues and times for final rehearsals and concerts will vary. Please refer to the list below for further details.
Venue key: SAH=St Andrew's Hall. KCEN=King's Centre NR1 1PH. CATH=Norwich Cathedral. SHGR=Norfolk Showground, NR5 0TT

Members are expected to be available for all the relevant dates listed below, unless a special arrangement is made with your section leader (strings and wind: Rob Barnes, brass: Laurence Thistlewood, percussion: Andy Newman).
In addition, please inform your section leader if there is a last-minute problem about getting to a rehearsal. Only if you fail to make contact by this method should you try to phone Rob Barnes (01508 521029) or Catrina Nixon 07952 468363) or another member known to be coming to the rehearsal.

(rehearsal schedule below last updated 2:20pm, 19 Apr 2024)
PLEASE NOTE the players required, repertoire and venues may be subject to future changes. Such changes are always posted here as soon as possible after they are announced.

Date Venue Time Players required
Tuesday 13th February NHS 19:00pm B&M: in the Drama Studio: Strings, woodwind, horns: Beethoven, Mozart
Tuesday 20th February     (no rehearsal - school half term week)
Tuesday 27th February NHS 19:00pm
FILM: Full: Korngold Sea Hawk Suite, Star Wars Suite, plus run-through of Magnificent 7 (extra oboe not reqd)
See 12 Mar rehearsal below for instrumentation.
Tuesday 5th March NHS 19:00pm
B&M: Full: 7pm Beethoven; 7.30pm + trombones; 8pm Mozart
Friday 8th March CATH 19:15pm B&M: Full: (TBC  probably 7.15pm Beethoven; 8pm Mozart)
Saturday 9th March CATH 2:00pm B&M: Full:  (TBC probably 2pm Beethoven; 3pm Mozart)

Saturday 9th March



Concert: Beethoven Symphony No.5, Mozart Requiem

Tuesday 12th March NHS 19:00pm FILM: Full - in the Drama Studio
Erich Korngold – Suite, The Sea Hawk 17’
          3(2&3 also Picc, 3 also AFl), 2(CA), 3(BCl), 3(Cfg) 4341 T+3P** 2Hp Cel Pf Str
          **Glsp, Crot, Xyl, Vibr, Marimba hg. Beck, Trgl, Tamb, kl Tr Mil, Tr, BD, Tomt, 2 Templebl, Kalebasse
John Williams – Star Wars Suite 25’
          3(Picc)23(BCl)2 4331 T+2P Hp Pf/Cel Str
Elmer Bernstein - The Magnificent Seven 4’30
          33(CA)3(BCl)3(Cbn) 43*3*1 T+3P Pf/Hp+[opt.gtr] Str
          *optional 4th trumpet & trombone parts
James Bond Suite (arr Nic Raine) 10'
          22(CA)22 4451 T+4P Pf Cel/Hp Str
20th Century Fox Fanfare (with CinemaScope Extension 0'30
          0000 - 0330 - 2perc - Str
Bernard Hermann – Prelude/Overture, North by North West 4’
          3(picc)3(CA)3(+2Bcl?!)3(Cbn) 4331 T+? 2Hp Str
Gershwin - Promenade (Walking the Dog) 3’
          2(picc)23(BCl)2 4321 T+?(glsp, xyl, vib, tri, cym, wdbl) Hp Cel(ad lib.) Str
John Barry - Out of Africa Main Title I Had a Farm in Africa, Nic Raine version (1985) 4’
          22(CA)22 4231 T+2P Hp Pf Str
John Williams – Schindler’s List - with Hannah Perowne 4’15
          2(AFl) CA 3(BCl)2 1000 P(vib) Cel Str solo Violin
Ennio Morricone - Cinema Paradiso (arr Angela Morley) - with Hannah Perowne 3’
          3333 4031 T Hp Cel Pf Str solo Violin
Carlos Gardel (arr. John Williams) – Por Una Cabeza from Scent of a Woman - with Hannah Perowne 4’
          32+CA3(3 dbl BC)2+Cfg 4000 T+2P (tambourine, tri) Hp Cel Str
Tuesday 19th March WRT 19:00pm FILM: 2 sectionals: Strings: NHS Main Hall, WW & FULL BRASS Please: Drama Studio
Tuesday 26th March NHS 19:00pm FILM: Strings, woodwind, horns
Tuesday 2nd April     NO Rehearsal (school Easter break)
Tuesday 9th April NHS 19:00pm FILM: schedule tbc - NB this is during school Easter break
Tuesday 16th April SHGR 19:00 FILM: Full at the Norfolk Showground and Events Centre
Friday 19th April SHGR 19:15pm FILM: Full (times below are guide only)
7.15pm Seahawk, Out of Africa, M7, Promenade, NbNW, Star Wars, Bond.
9.25pm Solo items.
Saturday 20th April SHGR 2:00pm FILM: Full (times below are guide only)
2.00pm Fanfare, Magnificent 7, Out of Africa, Star Wars, Promenade, Bond
3.30pm NbNW, Sea Hawk
4.15pm Solo items with Hannah (Paradiso, Tango, Schindler)

Saturday 20th April



Concert: Film Night:
Magnificent Seven, Walking the Dog, Cinema Paradiso, Schindler’s List, The Sea Hawk Suite
North by Northwest, James Bond Suite, Out of Africa, Tango from Scent of a Woman, Star Wars Suite



Make a note in your diary for the provisional 2024-2025 season concert dates: 9th Nov, 7th Dec, 17th Dec, 15th Feb, 5th Apr.